The Mental, Emotional & Physical Aspects of Retirement:

A virtual presentation by Christina Winters

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Founder’s Video

Creating & Managing Wealth’s CEO, Christina Winters,  speaks about her beginnings and creating the firm.

Vol. 1

Christina talks to Sue Mintz,  a certified retirement coach, about the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of retirement.

#356 – Speak Up! With Christina Winters – How Women Can Step Up And Into Positions Of Power

In this episode, host John Laurito talks to Christina Winters, the CEO and President of Creating & Managing Wealth. They talk about how she got started, and how she inspires and helps women to speak up and step up to leadership roles in a male-dominated corporate world.

Christina emphasized the importance of articulating your ideas, standing your ground, and managing the inevitable stress accompanying leadership roles. With Christina’s raw and real stories from her journey and her invaluable advice on expressing frustrations productively, this conversation is a must-listen for every woman aspiring to break the glass ceiling. Christina’s journey is a testament to how confrontations can be flipped into stepping stones for success, offering a fresh perspective on women in leadership roles.

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